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    Northern Nevada, especially in the Incline Village, Caughlin Ranch, Genoa, Lakeview Estates, and other tree-line areas, have many beautiful redwood and cedar-sided homes. The natural beauty of such fine wood is greatly enhanced, and more importantly, preserved, by applying premium stains that protect your wood investment longer.

    Pat Hickey Paintings’ custom journeymen have decades of experience working with wood siding and the appropriate stains and sealers that will work best in each situation.

    Surface preparation is essential for a long-lasting and beautiful application. Along with careful power-washing, PHP crews will frequently apply wood cleaners and brightners to remove tough mildew, mold and tannin bleed problems.

    Light is the principal enemy of stains and clear finishes. The best sun-blocking agent, and thus the best Ultra Violet (UV) protector for coatings applied outdoors is pigment (however slight) contained in tinted stains. Pigment blocks UV rays, so that the wood underneath doesn’t deteriorate.

    For example, semi-transparent stains contain the lightest pigmentation designed to accentuate wood’s natural grain and character. The rustic nature of wood is blended with subtle color, creating a timeless look.

    Semi-solid stains (a new product by Cabot and others) bridge the gap between a semi-transparent and solid finish. Additional pigment yields a unique, richly colored finish that still allows natural wood texture to show through.

    Brush applications of stains are the favorite choice of PHP painters. But whether your wood siding is sprayed or brushed, it will always be either back-rolled or back-brushed behind for an even, full finish and look.

    Please contact us for a free estimate for your staining needs.

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